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The Importance of Professional Lawn Maintenance Services in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake

Updated: Feb 25

A flower bed with a rainbow over it

Lawn maintenance can be tough. In many cases it's better to leave that maintenance to the experts who take care of lawns across Chesapeake and Virginia Beach every day. While tough, lawn maintenance carries many benefits.

Benefits of Lawn Maintenance:

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal: A well maintained lawn provides psychological benefits for not only the residents themselves but the surrounding neighborhood as well! Having a team that can provide that for you worry free is priceless. Getting home from a long day and just being able to enjoy the outdoor space of your home without lifting a finger never gets old.

2. Healthy Growth: Regular lawn maintenance promotes healthy grass growth, as well as minimizing weeds in the lawn and flower beds.

3. Services that Provide Value: Lawn maintenance isn’t just something you hire out to free up some of your time on the weekends! When done correctly it adds to the value of your home and dramatically effects the resale value of your home!

4. Environmental Impact: Lawn maintenance can do many great things for the environment like prevent erosion and dirt run off into the sewer system. Having beautiful flowers helps keep the bees and other pollinators happy. Not to mention the stunning ornamental trees and plants reduce the carbon footprint and feed oxygen to the atmosphere.

Why Choose Sunscape Land Works?

Sunscape Land Works was established in 1998 and its commitment to providing top-notch lawn maintenance services in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake has improved extensively since then. The company was started by a father of 3, Larry Mathias in Virginia Beach just about a mile from the Chesapeake city limits. Larry grew the business and involved all 3 of his sons in the process. Today in 2024, Sunscape Land Works has more to offer than lawn maintenance in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, we specialize in design & build projects that include a variety of materials and looks, from concrete patios to paver walkways and stunning plant installations.

Sunscape’s expertise in providing comprehensive lawn maintenance services tailored to the specific needs of clients in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake is unmatched in our market. Sunscape Land Works purchases new equipment to make our services as precise as possible. We also believe in investing into the education and development of our staff. Some members of our team have licenses, degrees, and certificates that took hours of studying and in person classes to obtain.

The benefits of lawn care services provided in the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake areas are evident now more than ever! In a world that is so fast pace, our services allow you to invest in us to get back much needed family time and relaxation.

So what are you waiting for? Call Sunscape Land Works and get a routine maintenance plan locked in for the 2024 season!



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